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With ships, they'll bolt zinc blocks on, can I "re-galvanize" metal?

I ask as I have some flashing that was likely installed in 1938. It was galvanized and is in reasonably good shape. But replacing it would be very expensive and hard, as it laps under the stucco. What can do to extend its life? Or will it rust under the stucco first anyway, making a external treatment moot?

Here's the specific flashing, with two rows of tile removed:

rusty 1938 tile roof stucco wall flashing

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What about it would make replacement expensive? –  mike Oct 31 '13 at 4:54
@mike, expensive because of need to tear out stucco, as the flashing goes under the stucco. Local bid is $100/foot for that. –  Bryce Feb 28 at 5:35

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