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we removed the inside part of an air conditioner / heater from a mobile home. we plan to use this area as a small pantry. The wires that were connected to the heater is 2 black connected to 2 seperate breakers and a ground wire. There wasn't a white wire in the bundle. I would like to use this to add a small sub panel so that it could feed an outlet and a light switch to power light strips inside the pantry. How do you wire this to a sub panel with only 2 hot wires and a ground?

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Hopefully that's 2 breakers with a tie between them? – Bryce Oct 20 '13 at 6:31

Without pulling an additional wire, you'd only be able to install a 240 volt subpanel. You won't be able to install a proper 120/240V subpanel with only two ungrounded conductors and a grounding conductor. If you want 120 volts, you'll have to pull a proper grounded (neutral) conductor.

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