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I am repairing a shed that's next to a vinyl fence. I would like to temporarily remove a section of the vinyl fence, but I can't find a good way to remove it.

Here's the picture of the fence, and a picture of inside of the fence post. I notice the plastic is molded so it goes easily into the post but not out of it. Is it simple as squeezing the plastic and pulling out? I face a lot of resistance when I try this, which makes me question if there's a better way or a tool to help.

Fence from Side

Post from Above

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In the picture of the interior, you can see the locking wedges (lugs) that hold the horizontal beams in the posts. If you just pull out, the raised edge of the lug will prevent it.

One approach is to place a putty knife (or some other thin metal blade, not too sharp) inside the post, parallel to the beam, covering the lug and angled into the seam of the post's cutout. If there are two lugs, you need on on each side. The cutout should flex and let the lug pass.

You made need to cut down small putty knives to fit inside the post.

This assumes you have some starting point to move one of the beams horizontally.

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Thanks. I ended up removing the last section (against a corner) which allowed enough movement of the posts. I then used clamps to squeeze the plastic. – jglouie Oct 15 '13 at 0:43

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