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Our six year old Kenmore HE2Plus washer is flashing code F-28 about every third wash during its final spin. It's really irritating my wife as she has to stop the cycle and rerun the Rinse/Drain & Spin again, which washes out the fabric softener.

I researched this on the web and did not find a straight-forward solution. Some folks have replaced the motor controller unit (MCU), others the central control unit (CCU), others both, and results are sketchy . Another thing mentioned frequently is checking all electrical contacts between these units.

If you have fixed this problem on an HE2Plus I'd appreciate hearing what you did.

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What is the model number? –  Tester101 Oct 11 '13 at 11:01
Model 110.47532601 –  getterdun Oct 12 '13 at 8:41

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Bottom line: clean the discharge pump filter first if you get this code. Mine was clogged with years of accumulated junk (coins, pencil parts, keys, lint, etc.).

What I did: cleaned filter, cleaned all contacts (both ends) on CCU, MCU, interlock switches with Dentek Easy Brush, standard size, dipped in rubbing alcohol. Tested door switch, interlock switches and motor: all good.

To access the filter, remove three screws holding bottom front panel and remove panel. The discharge pump filter is located at the bottom right. Twist the 3" round white cover counterclockwise to remove the filter. Note: I also suggest you temporarily disconnect the black hose coming down to the back of the filter from the washer and shake it to dislodge any junk in the hose.

Update 7/1/14: F-28 returned. Resolved by disconnecting the CCU motor connector MS2 and pinching in on the prongs to tighten the connection. Used a sharp pointed pick, and pressed in on both sides until they touched.

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