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It seems that water is seeping through the seams between the tiles in the shower. We suspect that the construction worker who installed the showers and the tiles did a lousy job in selecting/mixing the proper grout.

Is there a product or film on the market that would allow us to make the seams water resistant, without having to fully demolish the shower cabin?

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@steven :) The results on your google search give mixed message though. Either shops selling it or blogs advising against applying grout sealers – Nonsense Oct 9 '13 at 18:58

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Tile, grout, and cement products are usually porous and will leak. The standard practice is to place a waterproof layer under the tile in showers and baths. Sealing grout is usually done for stain resistance, not to create a waterproof surface in a shower.

At this point, there's no easy answer. You'd have to fix it by removing the tile and starting all over.

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