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After my basement flooded and I removed the carpet I found the previous owner had sealed the floor but it's flaking up now and I want to remove it all. It's about 200 sqft so a wire brush by hand is not going to cut it. So, what's the best method to remove this stuff? I'm thinking something like a floor sander but with a wire brush roller. Not sure if such a thing exists. enter image description here

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Would a pressure washer be out of the question? –  Edwin Oct 6 '13 at 5:02
That wouldn't work well for my situation. The floor is not level and doesn't drain properly (learned that during flooding). Also they kick up debris on the walls –  Andrew Oct 6 '13 at 14:35
It's going to be messy whatever path you take. You could try a heavy duty paint remover. Costs about $30 a gallon. Follow with lots of scrubbing with degreaser. –  Edwin Oct 7 '13 at 17:58
Be a man, do it by hand! :) I just did 400 square feet of this crap with a putty knife. –  iLikeDirt Apr 5 at 4:01
I'm leaning towards using a 12" scraper at this point. I seen a few attachments for angle grinders that would make quicker work but also stir up quite a bit of who knows what –  Andrew Apr 5 at 17:26

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Consider a drill mounted wire brush, like this one

drill wire brush

This particular version requires a separate mandrel that attaches it to the power drill.

If you go this route, wear safety glasses and protective clothing (long sleeve shirt, etc.).

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