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Maybe four years ago, our AC "froze up" (as I recall), and there was water soaking into the wood it sits on. (The inside unit is in a hall closet with the big air return vent underneath it.) Later I noticed some black/brown Mold (I assumed) in that closet. So I got sprayed some diluted bleach on the spots, and wiped it down as far as I could reach. (The closet is very very small and cramped and I can't even reach most of the walls or equipment). Today we had to have the outside unit replace, and I believe they said they replaced the coil inside--it doesn't look any different from before. However, now there appears to be much more of the moldy-looking stuff. So it must be spreading. Is this dangerous? Do I need to have some kind of service person come and take care of it? I don't think I can reach it well enough to help, but might someone have special equipment? I assume I need to do something about it--do I?

The repairman didn't mention it at all; should he have?

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