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Can I use a 6x6 glue lamm post as a support post for an upper deck and can this type of post be exposed to the outside elements (rain, snow, etc..)

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It must be an exterior/wet use rated beam, like this one from Boise If you are going to bury one end of it, it must meet one of the exterior ground contact categories. You should discuss this with your inspector and list it on your permit submission drawing, so there are no surprises during inspection.

The AWPA rates wood by its usage category, you should pick a glulam assembly that will meet one or more of the various EXTERIOR categories:

Use Category Brief Description

  • UC1 Interior Dry
  • UC2 Interior Damp
  • UC3A Exterior Above Ground, Coated with Rapid Water Runoff
  • UC3B Exterior Above Ground, Uncoated or Poor Water Runoff
  • UC4A Ground Contact, General Use
  • UC4B Ground Contact, Heavy Duty
  • UC4C Ground Contact, Extreme Duty
  • UC5A Marine Use, Northern Waters (Salt or Brackish Water)
  • UC5B Marine Use, Central Waters (Salt or Brackish Water)
  • UC5C Marine Use, Southern Waters (Salt or Brackish Water)
  • UCFA Interior Above Ground Fire Protection
  • UCFB Exterior Above Ground Fire Protection
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