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When my toilet is refilling with water,it makes a very high pitched whine. Any suggestions on how to resolve?

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sounds like a semi-clogged valve – ratchet freak Sep 15 '13 at 16:24
@ratchetfreak - thank you, that was it. – warpedspeed Sep 17 '13 at 0:08
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Depending on the age of the toilet mechanism, you may have an easy fix. If it is a partially clogged valve (as suggested in the comment by ratchet freak) and if it is one of the newer type units, the upper part of the valve can be easily accessed.

Many toilet filler valves look something like this one

toilet valve

The top cap comes off these valves, usually by pressing down slightly with your palm and rotating counterclockwise. Immediately below the cap is usualy a strainer filter that can get clogged. Cleaning this out usually solves the problem. Then you just reinstall the cap.

If you have a different type of valve, you need to ascertain whether that is where the noise is coming from. Witht he lid off the tank, you may be able to confirm the source of the sound. If it is the valve, you may be able to determine what part of the mechanism is causing the obstruction.

If the cause is the valve, but the cure is not readily apparent, it probably is worth changing the mechanism, which is cheap and fairly easily done. The repair kits have complete instructions and basically involve

  • turning off the water supply
  • draining the tank
  • uncoupling the supply line from the bottom of the mechanism
  • unscrewing the nut that holds the mechanism on (from the outside bottom of the tank)
  • inserting the new mechanism in the hole and attaching the nut
  • reattaching the supply line
  • turning on the water supply
  • adjusting the max fill level

Not too hard for even an amateur DIYer. Just be ready to quickly turn off the shutoff valve if there are any leaks (even a drop), and patiently redo any joints that are not absolutely watertight (the instructions will explain about teflon tape, etc.)

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Fantastic answer. I'll review this tomorrow. – warpedspeed Sep 15 '13 at 23:50
Yep, simple fix and saved me a trip to the store. Thank you! – warpedspeed Sep 17 '13 at 0:07

In our situation, it turned out the high pitched noise was coming from the thin tube that carries the water to the top of the cistern and fills the tank. The tube had become slightly kinked. Straightening it eliminated the loud noise.

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