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I'm moving my bathroom to the adjacent corner in my house, and would like to know if I need to vent my soil pipe with my planed system before it reaches the existing external soil stack. Going directly through the floor is not possible as drilling holes through the joist will weaken them. Also, I can not exit out the rear of the property.

So my plan was to allow my toilet to connect directly down into a manifold so sink and shower can connect too. From there the pipe will travel vertically for approx 2.4 meters, then to a couple of 45 elbows to bring the pipe work to horizontal and to offset no more than 200mm, then it would run for approximately 4.5 meter before connecting into the external stack.

Does this branch require venting from the bathroom end?

If so can it be done internally with some kind clever vent?


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I dont know how different codes are were you live but in the United States you would need a vent. Maybe you can reuse your old vent. I know you said its on the opposite corner but if your running the pipes in the basement/crawlspace it wont be that bad. You may be able to vent out of side of house too. We have special automatic vents but it is only for sinks.

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It CAN be done internally. Genova makes a very clever little diaphragm vent that glues right into PVC drain/soil pipe. It should not be installed in an inaccessible location, since it may possibly need periodic maintenance and if it fails, you wouldn't want a methane buildup inside your walls or anywhere else in the house... so it must be exposed.

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