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Last Sunday I ran my portable dishwasher (GE Model Number GSC3500R00WW) in the afternoon and then in the evening when I went to plug it in, it didn't run (no noise at all). It doesn't have any lights on it, so I can't tell whether it's getting any power.

There are three culprits I could think of - the power cord, the latch switch, and the start dial.

Today I finally got around to opening up the dishwasher to see whether I could figure out the issue. I took out the inside door and discovered about 20 fridge magnets inside that I guess my kids must have somehow shoved inside the dishwasher.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I could replace most of the suspected bad parts for the cost to just get a repair man here. Any ideas what the potential problem could be? One of my big concerns is whether the magnets could have somehow messed something up. They are not strong magnets, your normal kiddie alphabet type and some of the flat kinds with pictures.

I did notice that the door latch seems loose, though it does seem to lock into place fine. I couldn't find a way to tighten it. It just seems to be held in by the plastic casing. There is a flap (thin, almost like plasticy paper) which I guess is the "switch shield" from looking at parts online that was pushed out of the way, but when I put it back, it didn't seem to help. I'm guessing my kids somehow shoved the magnets in through the latch.

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Test the microswitch in the door. Sounds like it may have gotten wet, or been displaced by those magnets. bafiltersupply.com/… –  Wayfaring Stranger Sep 14 '13 at 19:03

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