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I am getting ready to paint my living room using Behr's Glowing Firelight (S-G-200):

enter image description here

My building sidekick suggested not to use the regular Killz2 primer but some special gray primer for red(ish) paints. I am posting here to confirm his suggestion and open a discussion for second opinions. Which specific primer would be the best for this paint?

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You should have your Kilz 2 tinted the same color as the topcoat. Most places will do that for free.

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Choose the primer that you feel best meets the purpose of the room. Have it tinted grey. The grey tint allows the red to show faster - less coats. If you want me to give advice on specific primer then I would say what kind of room it is and if there are any special conditions.

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thanks but this doesn't really answer my question -- it merely recycles it. – amphibient Aug 31 '13 at 19:14

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