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I am experiencing a live and learn project where I have a large elevated deck attached to a header board which I think does not meet code. I recently had six beams installed which currently attached to the header boards. I now know not a good idea.

I now know that the support structure must 'translate' directly to all foundation support which I don't think this meets.

Options now greatly appreciated, but should I:

  1. Add three columns with beam under all support. This would make the deck a hybrid free standing with a dependency on the header board, however.
  2. See if the steel piers can be modified with beam support to meet code.
  3. Bull doze the entire thing.
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I believe you mean "Ledger" board. Ledgers have their issues but if correctly detailed they can be acceptable. It's almost impossible for you to convey adequate detail for anyone here to make a determination, you should consult with a professional who can examine your installation first hand. Almost any structure can be corrected, but at some point it's more cost effective to start over. –  bcworkz Aug 31 '13 at 19:32

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