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I bought some "pineapple" post caps made of treated pine. When they arrived, I was taken aback to see, rather than an overall greenish tinge, splotches and patches of green. As my plan has been to leave these unstained, I will probably have to send them back-- unless someone knows how to "fix" this problem? Additionally, what caused these caps to look like they have green splotchy paint on them?

image description

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Fresh Alkaline Copper Quaternary(ACQ) treatment leaves the wood very wet. In a month of dry conditions (in the sun), they will dry out and be much less splotchy. The green will eventually be gone, going to gray in 12-18 months.

I know you didn't want to stain, but consider a light 'cedar' tone to even things out, until the green fades.

Once dry (3-5 weeks), you can stain for a more even color (water or oil based, )

Part of the unevenness comes from a mix of end grain (very absorptive), face grain and knots (non absorptive). Pre-treatment of the end grain (usually at the top of turnings) with a sanding sealer (25% finish, 75% solvent) will help the stain finish evenly.

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