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4 days ago a spary paint can went off in my car leaving a orange stain on the back of a seat which is of the same material as the carpet (the short fuzzy stuff). It was a water based marking spray paint (similar to http://www.homedepot.com/p/Rust-Oleum-Professional-15-oz-2X-Fluorescent-Red-Orange-Marking-Spray-Paint-266590/203302842#.UhIhN5J5-Lk but mine was labeled water based). I have ready online and tried to use hot water so soften the paint and remove it, but I don't feel any paint left, just the orange stain. What is my best bet at getting the orange stain out? It is on a light tan material so it stands out a lot.

I called rust oleum for advice, they typically suggest mineral oil to get it off people's hands but didn't know how that would work on a car carpet. They suggested taking it to a professional, which I can do if that is the best approach.

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