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I have a couple of cubic meters of gravel (3-4cm, round, no edges) in a big pile. I want to move this gravel, some of it becomes foundation for the kids' sand pit, and some should go along the outer walls of the house as rain splash guard.

I figure I can use a wheelbarrow and a shovel for this, but I am also thinking that it is going to be hard to shovel the gravel with said shovel. Is there a better tool for the job?

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A "sided" shovel (AKA coal or transfer shovel) is very efficient, especially if you have a hard, flat surface to shovel off of (plywood is great).

enter image description here

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Is there a better tool for the job?

Skid Steer

As for manual shovels, use what works for you. I prefer a pointed garden shovel for larger rock. It's easier to 'get into' the pile with and you don't over-load it. Then I tend to use the flat coal shovel like HerrBag recommends when the pile gets low and you are doing more scraping of the loose material together.

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For shoveling, I second @herrbag ...

Alternatively, for the top of the pile, the gravel can be raked off the top and into a chute that empties into a wheel barrow or a 5 gal bucket. As the height of the pile dwindles, a hole can be dug into the ground for the 5 gal bucket, and continued use of the chute.

OR ...

A manageable amount of gravel can be raked onto a sheet of canvas, the corners then gathered up and hoisted into a wheel barrow, or ziplined to the site of deposit.

Raking can be done with a metal garden rake, a hoe, or a shovel.

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This is a non-intuitive yet brilliant idea! Thanks. – Torben Gundtofte-Bruun Aug 12 '13 at 19:03

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