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In my bathroom I've put vinyl flooring on top of some sort of underlay but the vinyl is moving and creasing a lot:


Here's what is underneath, a blue underlay and then the wooden floor under that:


What's the quickest way to make this vinyl stable? What about stapling it? In this case, how many millimeters extra (beyond thickness of the vinyl itself) are required?

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Double stick carpet tape? – mike Aug 12 '13 at 15:49
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Staple down the underlay, and then I'd go with @mike's suggestion of double-sided carpet tape.

Installing molding around the edges will also help to hold it down and prevent buckling, especially if it's relatively thick (eg, includes quarter-round) and tight to the floor.

installing quarter-round

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Normally vinyl is just glued down. Robert's adhesive can be bought at the big box. Loctite makes glue for vinyl that can be bought in a caulking tube. You just need to lay some heavy things on the floor after you glue and let it sit for a half day or so.

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