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This dishwasher is about 2 years old. I purchased it new. It's been perfect up until 2 days ago.

A cycle was just finishing (I do Normal Wash, air dry) and I opened the door. I noticed the Cancel button was flashing quickly.

Since then, none of the other buttons work. Pressing them does nothing, but sometimes the Cancel button flashes faster or slower. I can't tell if they're related.

If I put a bunch of water in the bottom of the dishwasher, close the door, then press Start, the Cancel button goes to solid red, the pump comes on, and the dishwasher drains correctly. After it's done draining, the Cancel button goes back to fast flashing.

So, I have tried:

  • Powering off the circut to try resetting the controller
  • Pressing Normal Wash/heated dry sequence to reset the controller
  • Pressing Hi-temp dry/Heated Dry sequsnce to reset the controller
  • Completely disassembling the unit to check for things stuck in motors, frayed/chewed wires, etc
  • Unplugged the controller board and reconnected it to check for loose connections

No change. Right now the Cancel button is flashing away.

Are there any other tests I can try? It smells like a bad controller board, could it be anything else?

Full model #: 665.13893K801

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This fault code is not listed in the user manual, so you'll likely have to contact a Kenmore service tech to look up the code for you. –  Tester101 Aug 6 '13 at 12:14
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