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I'm decorating a bedroom where the walls are pretty grim. I'm having to fill in a lot of holes, and there are imperfections in the wall. Replastering is not an option as its a rented house.

So, I opted for 1700 grade lining paper, the thickest available in the DIY stores. I've hung lining paper a number of times, but never the thick grades.

I'm looking for some tips, or instructions on successfully hanging this type of thick paper.

Firstly, it's going to be painted on, so should I hang it vertical or horizontal? I'm doing the room on my own, and some walls are 15ft long. If horizontal is going to have the best appearance and less issues I don't mined doing it.

Second, how long should I leave the paper aside for after applying the wallpaper paste? I assume it's longer than the thinner lining paper times. Should I paste the paper, set it aside, paste again, and apply some paste to the wall too, so that I get the best possible stick to the wall?

Those are the two main questions, but any other advice would be brilliant.

Also, is it worth applying PVA to the walls before adding the paper.

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