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I have a garden tub in my master bathroom. The faucets have been dripping for a while now so I have elected to do the fixing myself. The two sinks were easy enough. However this bathtub has me stumped. I have a Valley II faucet with separate hot and cold water faucets. There is no bar. I was able to install on/off valves to both of these faucets, as they did not have them. I was able to remove both knobs. I purchased the cartridges for this unit. But I can not get the old cartridges out!. I have tried vinegar to remove hard water build up. I have tried to hold the connection from under the tub and pull on cartridge. But that does not work either. I do not have the finances to just get a new faucet system. As they are very expensive. So for now I am having to turn on the faucets by using the on/off valves under the tub. Any ideas? Do I need a special tool to remove these cartridges? HUMMMMM. Its been 4 weeks now. LOL

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Do both cold and hot water faucets in bathtub close clockwise or do both turn off opposite ways? –  user14283 Jul 31 '13 at 19:07
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