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I am finishing my basement and will be installing a drop ceiling. Right now the ceiling is open. I purchased some recessed lighting on clearance at Home Depot for $5.00, normally $20. After doing some research online, it seems that I should not use them on my open ceiling. Most people say that "new construction" lighting should be used. So, my question is, because I got such a good deal on these lights, is there any way I can use them? I purchased some hangers, but I'm not sure if the remodel lights will attach to them. Thanks for any help.


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Remodel recessed lighting can be installed on drop ceiling tiles - I have done this a few times. You can cut out holes and install them from an adjacent tile. The install is pretty easy - but your drop ceiling has to be properly installed so it can take the extra weight. If you have problems installing on your drop ceiling just ask on here.

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