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If I put a 3-way bulb in one particular lamp, only the low and high positions work (with high being the same as low, so it's never activating the other filament). However, if I put a regular/1-way light bulb in, it lights up on the medium and high settings... The 3-way bulb I'm testing with works normally in our other 3-way lamp here.

Is this some kind of weird fault with the lamp? A light bulb compatibility issue? It's a regular 3-way bulb and both lamps just call for a regular 3-way...

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Try bending the center contact in the socket upwards a bit (lamp unplugged!). The 1 way bulb's tip may be more "pointed" so it makes contact, but the 3 way's tip might fall just short of making contact. The only explanation I can think of for all the symptoms you describe. –  bcworkz Jul 21 '13 at 21:00
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