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Can 2 romex cables be stripped before entering an EMT to allow more conductors in a 1/2" EMT? How would you transition from Romex to individual conductors going in or out of the EMT? Or is that allowed?

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The wires inside Romex are THHN type, which is okay for EMT, but you cannot use a bare copper wire inside EMT. I would transition from Romex cable to EMT with a metal box. Bond the bare copper wires to the box with a grounding pigtail, and add a insulated green THHN wire to continue the ground through the EMT.

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I don't believe you can -- my understanding was that the wires have to be individually labeled and I didn't think the wires inside Romex were individually labeled? I could be wrong though. There are also limitations to the number of wires you can have inside a 1/2" EMT as well. – Jacob S Jul 18 '13 at 17:44
Apparently the size of a romex when in an EMT is calculated rather strangely. The width of the flat Romex represents the diameter and the volume is calculated as if it is a complete circle which dramatically reduces the amount of Romex permitted in the EMT. Far more THHN would be permitted. At least that's the info I've found. @Edwin Thanks, very helpful. Jacob S I appreciate the info. Thanks – BobJax Jul 18 '13 at 18:05

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