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My garage door will open but will not shut. One of the sensor lights is solid red and will blink if stood in front of and the other sensor light is green. I have cleaned and aligned the sensors, but the lights remain the same. Do you know why the light is red?

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Does it make any attempt to close (eg motor powering up for a second)? If you pull the release (usually a red cord hanging from where the door connects to the opener), can you shut the door easily by hand? After shutting it, will the opener move to the closed position (where it should reattach itself to the door)? There are typically the safety sensors you've pointed out, and they sound like they're working, but there are also resistance sensors so the door should reverse if it is too hard to close (eg, it thinks it's crushing a car or small child, etc). –  gregmac Jul 11 '13 at 3:55
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