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I am looking to make bunk beds for a new house we are moving into. Does anyone have any thoughts on a place to get some good plans? Looking online has scared me and they all look like a scam. Just looking for book recommendations or a website that someone knows is reputable. Thanks in advance.

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I use Google. Tried "DIY Bunk bed plans" " Bunk Bed plans" "Book Bunk bed plans" ana-white.com seems ok. –  Mike Jul 6 '13 at 1:04
diy.stackexchange.com is a great resource for asking questions about how to build a bunk bed, not so good for asking for other web resources. That's like asking a contractor for the number of a competitor. –  Tester101 Jul 6 '13 at 13:25

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I tried several google searches.

1) free bunk bed plans

2) bunk bed plans site:.org

3) bunk bed plans site:.edu

4) bunk bed plans filetype:pdf

Interestingly, it seems universities have information for students who want to build bunk beds in their dorm rooms

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Try looking at the image search first, then drill down to the site if you like the design.

Here's a plain jane variety from HowToSpecialist.com

enter image description here

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