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I want to use the Simpson Strong Tie EB-TY hidden deck fasteners with my ChoiceDek decking. The decking is 1 inch thick and has slots in both edges. I am looking at the EBTYLC product in particular which is for 1 inch thick decking with 1/4 inch spacing which is what my ChoiceDek literature recommends.

Can I use these 2 products together? Anyone have any first hand experience or could recommend another hidden fastener to be used with ChoiceDek?

EB-TY product information (PDF)

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I have used and liked the EB-TY system... Last I used it, there were only 3 models (before Simpson acquired them

There are other products available for grooved composites...

ChoiceDek recommends Mantis 396

Tigerclaw is another, TC-G

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Contact the ChoiceDek folks; all manufacturers have technical support to answer just that kind of questions.

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+1 - This is a good idea. I called tech support for ChoiceDek and they recommended the Mantis 396. – DaveB Jul 1 '13 at 1:12

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