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I'm installing some Lack floating shelves from IKEA. I have two holes into the drywall with anchors (the metal kind with large threads), and one hole into the stud.

The problem is, I got confused and screwed a wall anchor into the wooden stud. I was pre-drilling holes for the anchors, so there's also a hole (larger than the screw) in the stud. The anchors say they are fine to use with wood, but what do you guys think? Do I need to back these out and start over, or will these hold my shelves like this? I am expecting the shelves to hold 20–30 lbs.

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Typically you would remove them, however the anchor you are using is marketed as a "stud solver" meaning that it can be driven into a stud. I think it is fine to leave them.

If you were using small plastic drywall anchors then I'd definitely remove them and drive a screw directly into the stud.

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I use 'em and like 'em – HerrBag Jun 24 '13 at 0:05

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