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I'm new to this so just wondering besides wood, what other materials & tools will I need to build a window seat bed? I also need it to hold 300-500 lbs. It will be used with a Twin mattress and has to be able to hold 2 adults. It will be indoors for a bedroom with rug floors. It's not just going to be a raised wood platform due to also needing the extra storage space underneath the "window seat bed". The measurements are (89" L x 42" W x 24" H). Please any ideas or suggestions on any of this will be helpful.

NOTE*** I've heard of using kitchen cabinets as the storage space under the bed but that's not an option, If I can learn how to do it, I'd rather build it myself. I'm on a budget.

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This is essentially an impossible question to answer. For a person with no expertise in joinery and no tools, it can be difficult to do, IF you want something that looks nice. Of course for the right person, you can build almost anything with a couple of very basic hand tools like a saw, a hand plane and a few chisels, a hand drill, etc. Go slow, learn as you go. Yes, a table saw would be nice, but not truly necessary. My 2nd issue is with the question itself. "A window seat bed" can refer to many things, but we cannot know what is in your mind without a far better description. – user558 Jun 18 '13 at 12:22
Can you draw us a picture of what you want? Maybe we can discuss it in chat. – Chris Cudmore Jun 18 '13 at 13:02

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