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How do you correctly mount and wire fluorescent strip lights to drywall? enter image description here

I've seen these on drywalled walls/ceilings before but never looked at how they get installed, other than there doesn't appear to be a junction box in the drywall.

I can imagine a lot of people just have their NM wire coming through a hole in the drywall, and then bring it into a knockout on the back and screw the fixture up, but does that meet code? Do you leave/make a hole big enough for a box connector to fit through?

What's the code-compliant way to install? What do you do prior to putting up drywall?

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The fixture itself is typically used as the junction box. Just make sure to use a bushing or grommet to protect the cable where it enters the fixture. These Push in grommets are useful for this.

Push in grommet

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