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Is there a way how to program NX-8V2 to report events to my cell phone?

I found this post http://www.diyalarmforum.com/board/index.php?topic=3519.0 and tried this setup with no luck:

location 0: NNNNNNNNNN14 (NNNNNNNNNN is my 10 digit phone number
location 1: 111111
location 2: 4 (pager)
location 3: 80
location 4: seg1: 12345678 seg2: 12345678
location 5: --------
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Have you looked at the configuration PDF ? tehnic.electronist.net/tech_manual/nx8.pdf I don't think Pager is the correct way to send to a cell phone. Sending a "Page" was a specific way to send a message that didn't require a connection or confirmation that the page was received. Sending to a cellphone as a page probably won't be interpreted by the cell phone as a text message. –  lsiunsuex Jun 3 '13 at 18:19
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