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I just came across this bit in my toolbox, which I'm fairly sure came with an installers drill bit (54" long flexible bit, with a hole in the end for pulling wires back through).

mystery bit

It's a standard screw driver bit, tapered at the end (though not enough to actually be a flathead bit) and a hole through it. Any ideas what this is for?

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I think it would be used for pulling or twisting something. For example, you would attach a wire to it, then engage the drill or manually rotate, thus twisting or rotating the wire. It would also be used for fishing the wire thought a wall. The rotation would allow it to more easily pass.

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If you hadn't said it came with the installer's bit, I would have guessed it was for twisting safety wire:

Safety wire

I guess it's still possible, but it seems like an unlikely thing to include with an installer's bit.

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Can't say for sure, but I would say it's for twisting pairs/groups of wires together.

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Maybe you're meant to push something like a screwdriver through the hole, and then use that as a handle (lots of leverage). Of course this could damage your screwdriver if you weren't careful...

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