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How does one select a surge protector for a typical home?

We get surges and slight drops in line voltage. We are the last pole on a small town electric provider, three miles from town. Surge protectors cost from $180 to thousands.

How do I determine what is good but not cheap and not more than I need?

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Answerers - Please don't just post links to your "favourite" surge protector. The question is how to decide which one to buy. –  ChrisF May 25 '13 at 15:45

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  1. If you are serious about surge protection then don't think cost think quality.
  2. Calculate the total Amps of all your circuit breakers and chose a surge protector thats total Amperage is between 10-15% more then what you have calculated.
  3. Do not protect circuits that draw high amounts of power (i.e. Pool Pumps, Electric Hot-water Systems or Air Conditioners). As these devices often spike when more demand is placed on them and may fry your surge protector.
  4. Avoid surge protectors that offer you $250 000 (if you are choosing them for that particular reason) as they will never pay out and those guarantees bump the prices up.

Also look into the brand Schneider Electric (Worldwide) range of Surge Arresters or any Eaton (Worldwide) Din Mounted Surge Protectors.

NOTE: I am NOT affiliated with any of the brands above. I am just listing them due to their reputation and quality.

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Please state any affiliation you have with the brands mentioned. –  BMitch May 26 '13 at 14:20

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