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I plan to make my own stainless steel hood cover instead of buying a brand-name hood.

Basically I need a hood cover, duct pipe, 2 unit exhaust fans and an exterior duct cover.

My kitchen is approximately 9ftH * 10ftL * 12ftW

  1. How do I choose the correct exhaust fan size for my kitchen?

  2. My contractor advised me not to get duct pipe, that it is better to use PVC pipe. The reason is that it's a long run of duct and it will sag.

    Is it better to use PVC pipe instead of use duct pipe? Can the air & oil flow better if I use PVC pipe?

  3. Is the size of the pipe important too, allowing the air to flow better? Is a bigger pipe size better or should I just get the right size to fit the kitchen?

  4. I was designing a hood cover which is able to move up and down; the maker told me there was no such roller with stopper that can support the hood cover and allow it to move. Please give me some advice how can I move my hood cover, or any roller recommendation? The idea of the design is the hood with double layer cover, the top hood mounted on the wall is fixed and the outer layer is a movable cover hood whereby I can move the hood cover lower while steaming and raise it up while stirring the food.

How can I make my hood correctly?

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