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I was redoing the silicone dilation around the bath-tub, using the silicone mastic from a tube. Unfortunately, I stained the tub and a tile with silicone. You cannot see it really, but they got quite slippery, which is obviously frowned upon.

I failed to clean them with abrasive cleaner, and trying to "clod it" by hands didn't help either (this works with acrylic mastic and I supposed the silicone one would be the same, is it not, though). How can I clean it off so that the surface becomes less slippery, as it was before?

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This works on dried silicone and is pretty non-toxic

enter image description here

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Sometimes, I've had success with an eraser:

enter image description here

It won't damage tile, but results depend on how porous/grippy the tile surface is.

Amazon sells them, so should any local Office Supply or School Supply store.

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The tile is quite "rough" hence not slippery itself an probably quite porous. Can you please provide a link to a reasonable e-shop that sells this item? Thanks – yo' May 15 '13 at 14:50

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