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I found this project on Make for an automatic ball thrower for your dog, and am in the process of wrapping it up.

For power, I'm using a cordless drill battery. (Specifically, a Ryobi lithium one+ 18v battery)

I've seen a lot of projects out on the web where people just use electrical tape to wrap the leads of their wire to the battery, but this seems a bit ghetto to me.

In all of the tools, the batteries "snap" into place. Is there some kind of battery mount that snaps a cordless drill battery into place and provides some leads to solder wires to? My google-fu just results in how to rebuild a cordless drill battery, which is NOT what I am looking to do.

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If you are willing to sacrifice a battery charger, you could gut the charging circuitry out of the charger housing and wire it as a battery dock.

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I've done this with the dumb charger that came with my old NiCad batteries but there was basically no circuitry in it. (and it was spare since I replaced it with a smart charger) – Craig May 15 '13 at 16:06
The case of a broken-down power tool for these batteries will also do. Such broken tools are often sold for a few bucks on eBay etc. "for parts". – tanius Jul 23 at 12:03
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Ultimately, what I'm looking for is this:


I'll have to find someone with a 3D printer, but that's not too much of a problem.

Thanks everybody for their suggestions!

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I know this is an old post, but I found this here. Keystone BK-204 battery clips that slide right on, and then all you have to do is attach a wire.

Ryobi Battery Cap

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