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please provide the difference between Home Appliance , Personal Appliance and White goods ? there are other confusion with consumer electronics and electronics...please define!

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Home appliance - an electrical device you can buy in a shop and use in your home by inserting a power plug into a wall power outlet.

Personal appliance - presumably a small hand-holdable electrical appliance designed for use by one person - for the benefit of one person not the whole household (e.g. hair-dryer, mp3 player)

White goods - large domestic electrical appliances (e.g. clothes washer, dish washer, refrigerator, freezer, vacuum cleaner). So called because most of these were traditionally painted white.

consumer electronics - electronic devices sold primarily to individual people and probably not to businesses. e.g. (mp3 player, but probably not a duplex networked color 50 ppm photocopier with collator and stapler, definitely not a controller for an industrial CNC machine).

electronics - devices of which a major part comprises electronic circuits containing semiconductors.

Note the distinction (largely moot nowadays) between electrical and electronic. The former type of device was originally constructed without any significant semiconductor electronic circuitry just large electric motors and perhaps electro-mechanical sequencers etc. Nowadays almost everything has at least one microcontroller in it. (I read this distinction between "electrical" and "electronic" is not made in the USA)

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