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Please excuse the poorly phrased header - I am (hopefully not for long thanks to you) electrically dumb.

I'm looking at moving to a house in the countryside to live a more DIY lifestyle. Unfortunately, I don't speak the language of the landlord, and I'm going on information my Wife has shared with me.

She told me that the owner said the property has '3 x 25amp' power supply. The house is connected to the electrical grid. So, what does this mean - 3 x 25amp? What sort of power can I expect from this? Will it run a decent size fridge, plus computers, plus lights and kitchen appliances all at the same time? Or will I need to be balancing the load a bit carefully?

Is there more questions I need to ask the owner in order to make any intelligent decision on this matter? Like how many watts that is?

Note: this is in Europe, where the power is usually 220/240v.

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230 Volts AC RMS x 3 x 25 Amps = 17.25 kilowatts power.

Your appliances are rated in Watts, add them up and see if the total is more than 17,250.

In most cases the rating is a peak rating (e.g. at start-up after a rural power-cut), the average will be less.

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Great answer! I wasn't sure how to calculate the wattage - now I do. Thanks! – Bob Apr 29 '13 at 11:42

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