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I have a very similar type of radiator as this:

enter image description here

However doing a bathroom refit, I have somehow lost the radiator bleed plug which is shown in the picture above. So if I turn the radiator on, it obviously starts to leak water. Any idea what that is called/where I could get a replacement?

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I was reluctant to answer earlier because I wasn't sure of myself, but any info is better than none. I call them bleed screws. They come in different sizes and configurations depending on their exact function. You should perhaps inquire with the supplier of the fixture for a replacement, especially if a matching finish is important. – bcworkz Mar 30 '13 at 18:32
Is there only one bleed plug? I forget the website I used (5+ years ago) but I sent then like 5-6 screws/nuts I needed and they sent back replacements. They even called me and said one wasn't a perfect match so do I want to get extra to replace all. Was like $2 per. Sorry not at home so can't look in my Outlook for the site. – DMoore May 1 '13 at 19:08

The hardest thing to determine will be the screw diameter and pitch. A visit to a plumbing supply will likely yield some typical samples to try. Just don't force them in, it should start smoothly and tighten to a firm stop.

This link lists what must be common UK bleed valve sizes 3mm, 6mm, and 13mm, the ad lists all three and a key with delivery (to UK) for under £2.

enter image description here

How close is this to your unit?

enter image description here

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Call up or visit some local plumbing shops and see if they have any bleed screws for you.

Seems like a really obscure item that is hard to find online.

It would help if you knew the manufacturer, and especially help if you knew the model.

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