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I'm going to be running 1" blue PVC conduit from all my low voltage boxes to a structured wiring panel. My wiring panel will chase to the attic where necessary and I was wondering what the best practice/code compliant method was for reducing my 1" conduit runs down to the chase. Will I need a junction box somewhere in the attic? Can I just leave the 1" conduits open ended somewhere near the chase(s)?

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What type of conduit? What do you mean by open ended? What is this being used for? Junction boxes/you mean switch? I am very confused. We are talking about cable/dish conduit right - otherwise I don't understand what is going on. – DMoore Apr 10 '13 at 15:10

There isn't much code around low voltage wiring. Leaving the conduits open-ended is fine. If you find junction boxes, that would be nice but not required.

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All of chapter 8 of the National Electrical Code is dedicated to communications systems (Article 800, 810, 820, and 830). Also, article 645 deals with Information Technology Equipment. If you're in the US and/or follow NEC, there are plenty of codes to abide by. – Tester101 Mar 18 '13 at 16:07

I would use boxes or at least caps to prevent insects from using your conduit as an expressway. At worst, you could have water moving down from a leak; at best, you might have cold air moving down.

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