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I've seen recessed downlights that fit in/on the ceiling prior to plastering, then after the ceiling is plastered the light has no visible bezel, just a recess in which the light sits. Search google images for 'trimless downlights' for examples.

Is there a system to achieve the same effect with switches and sockets? The alternative is flat-plate switches and sockets, which is not quite what I'm after.

If it makes a difference to the answer I'm in the UK.

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-1 because this seems very close to a shopping question. – BMitch Mar 17 '13 at 18:27
Seems like we should have some leeway for new, novel, hard to find and unusual. I agrees its "shopping" if its a "dime-a-dozen" type item (something very common). – HerrBag Mar 17 '13 at 21:52

I think you still need a metal/plastic backing plate, if only for access. Would you expect to see screws, or just a flush surface? Would you expect to demolish the overcovering of plaster to service the device?

You could achieve this effect by trimming a flat plate to sit inside the normal box cutout. Mudding the switch would require building a dam around the switch cutout, perhaps modeling clay or some such.

The ideal plate would be a reverse of a normal plate, which rounds off into the wall. This reversed model would cup upwards slightly, to hold the plaster.

Still don't like not having access. Couldn't you do a nice wallpaper cover. I've seen those that hide switches and outlets very well. As I recall, Europe has some heavy duty coverings that would mask the switches quite well.

These paintable wallpapers illustrate what I mean enter image description here

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