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I'm trying to put up a tiled mosaic back splash and I'm trying to figure out the profile height for the edging. My tiles are 1/4" (6mm) thick.

Should I be getting an edge where the profile height matches my tiles or should I get one slightly thicker to account for the thinset?

tile edging example

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With larger tile that may span irregularities, I would advise 1/16 higher to end up flush.

With mosaics, I would go for the same height. Too much thinset with mosaics makes a grout line mess, oozing up and needing extra cleaning.

If you are using unbacked glass mosaics, be sure to skim coat the whole field with a white thinset before pulling.a notched trowel for the final setting bed. Then flatten the ridges for a smooth, void free bed that won't show variations through the glass

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You can use the same height square tile trim or straight trim to protect and enhance ceramic tiling. You can check Aluminum square edge trim for more information. In my experience, at both ends, you have to use internal or external end cap to cover them.

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