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Is there a particular term used for the section of a master bedroom that has the bed, if there is an adjoining foyer that is also part of the master bedroom?

 (Master bedroom)
|     *****     |
|     *BED*     |
|     *   *     |
|     *****     |
|               |
|     (???)     |
|               |
+-----     -----+
|               |
|     (Foyer)   |
|               |
|               |

I was thinking "sleeping area", "bed area", but I was wondering if there is a more standard way of referring to it?

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It's called "Master Bedroom". In your diagram, it's part of a "Master Suite", consisting of a foyer and a bedroom.

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If the door to the suite is in the foyer section, it could also be called the antechamber. That would make the bed section the main chamber or bedchamber.

...and of course, no discussion of chambers should ignore the chamberpot ;)

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and if the foyer is behind the bedchamber then it is a sitting room. – maple_shaft Mar 8 '13 at 20:29
is that the same as a "Throne room"? ;) – HerrBag Mar 8 '13 at 20:32

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