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I want to use a water based sealer on my pavers to bring out the color and also for some resistance against dirt and fading. I went to the store and saw sealers varying in price from about $11 per gallon for Thompson's water seal to about $24 for a Behr brand low luster to sealer to over $30 for a natural stone and brick name-brand sealer.

Is there really much difference in quality and longevity to justify the higher prices of the mid and name-brand sealers?

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Of course there is - as is the quality in everything name brand and generic. One thing I have learned so far in life - if it is something important that you want to last, spend more money on it. If you expect it to break / not last long. Spend less money on it.

With that being said, sometimes the price increases are related to the warranty associated with it.

Sealers are basically priced based on how long is it going to last.

Behr does not last the 4 years they promise. Thompsons doesn't last a year in most cases. CABOT is the the most recommended, if that is the $30 sealant you are speaking of.

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While I generally agree with your sentiment, this answer could be improved by explaining what the differences in quality actually are. – Chris Cudmore May 14 '13 at 12:43
There is nothing in your answer that addresses the OP's search for an answer specific to paver sealants. – Edwin May 15 '13 at 0:38
I bet if OP reads the labels one has a longer warranty than the other. – Jeff May 15 '13 at 0:40

There are tons of concretes sealers. Most have certain qualities that would make them work better/worse depending on the amount of sun, temperature, moisture and other variables. Your favorite sealer in Minnesota may be a terrible choice in Texas. Do some research on what people are using in your area and for your type of application. Paying extra for the "best" product is not as important is finding the right product for you.

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