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I have been doing some painting lately and I am buying all of my supplies from Home Depot. I have noticed two dominant paints there: RustOleum Professional which comes in an aluminum can that has some info painted on it, and then the normal RustOleum which comes in aluminum cans that have a label over them.

The Professional series cost more - is there a reason, or just marketing?

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I dont know what the technical differences are but Ive used both for painting parts on my Jeep and have noticed that the Professional version gives a much smoother finish and self levels a lot better. If you have the patience get the Professional version in the can and brush it on. Looks a million times better than the spray can.

Prep work for both versions has been about the same, wire wheel, clean with mineral spirits, prime, sand, clean, final coats.

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The text on the website implies the Professional does not need a top code, where the regular is just a primer. – Bryce Oct 30 '13 at 3:36

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