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We recently built our home and the mortar color between the bricks is dark gray, we did not pay attention to it and because of that the brick face is looking duller due to the standard gray mortar.

We would like to put a lighter color a half-white or natural color is what we would like to go to.

How can we remedy this? Is it even possible to do this?

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If you really wanted to, you could rake out the mortar and re-point with a coloured mortar of your choice.

That does seem a little excessive though, as you say it was recently built.

I'd be wary about using a stain, personally, for fear of also staining parts of the bricks.

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If the mortar does not have a sealer treatment on it, you can stain it.

Alternatively, some sealers with adhere to other sealers (or to unsealed mortar as intended) and are color treated which can (can not will, depends on the treatment) drastically change the color lighter/dark or colored.

Without harsh chemicals (safe for use outside but still more tedious and less safe for DIYers) you typically can't stain lighter, you question didn't specify what color you are trying to get to.

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I know that your question is a couple of years old, but I thought I'd post an answer in case you haven't figured out a solution yet. We had a chimney on our house that had been repaired. The new mortar did not end up being the same color as the old mortar that was used. We found a product online called Instant Mortar Match. The website is InstantMortarMatch.com. We were able to brush it on to the new mortar and change its color. I believe that the site said they sell a white color that you can put on first to lighten it up and then you can put on a second layer that is the color you want. We didn't have the problem of staining the bricks like mentioned above, but we had a wet rag to wipe off any mistakes right away. It was very easy to do and we had great results with it.

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