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how can i turn on remotely or turn off the lights or TV with remote controller or via internet

which tools i need to prepare or buy to make the circuit or device that do this work?

is there any way to turn off all forget lights in 1 am.?

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It depends in which country you are living in.

In the UK, Russia and Australia - C-Bus In America - Lutron

Worldwide - Crestron (Expensive)

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There are a large number of ways to do this - lots of people DIY it, but there are very simple commercial solutions out there too.

X10 is probably the best known standard.

Have a look at the UK home automation site for lots of info.

A bit more fun if you are a gadget freak or a tinkerer is Electric Imp - started by a guy from google and the guy who designed most of the iPhone hardware (as well as designing the best car stereo ever - even now 15 years later) - this device lets you make any device in your house Internet controllable :-)

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