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When changing out receptacles should I be installing tamper resistant receptacles?

It seems that the 2008 NEC requires these devices to be installed for any new install, should I be installing them when I change out old or damaged receptacles as well?

Tamper resistant receptacle

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I doubt it's required for existing construction and repairs, depending on where you live; some states have not yet adopted the code but it looks like most (pdf) have;

The incremental cost is small and if you have small children, it'll save having to buy those plastic inserts. And since I'm one who vividly recalls being a toddler a long time ago getting his first lesson in electricity after finding out that a metal coat hanger fits nicely in a wall socket, I think it's not a bad idea.

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+1 The cost difference is negligible. I replaced all my downstairs outlets last year (plugs were falling out anyway). My 14 month old can pull out the plastic inserts on the nearly new "normal" outlets in my upstairs office - no sweat. –  Steve Jackson Oct 30 '10 at 19:31

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