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We have just tiled our bathroom and the grout is not as dark as I wanted it. I love it when it is wet and is the color that I wanted it to be but lightens up when dry. Do you recommend getting the grout stain/paint? Or is there something else I could do. Could I get it wet and before it dries put a sealer on it?

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There are "wet-look" sealers, that after applying the sealer the grout should look like it does when wet, even when the grout is dry (plus it should not change color when wet). – Eli Iser Jan 31 '13 at 7:47

Grout stain is certainly the easiest option I have tried. The one I used came in a pen form and I just coloured in all the grout one afternoon when the bathroom was dry. I wouldn't try it with damp grout as the absorption might be unpredictable.

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