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I am about to purchase a garbage disposal to install myself. Our kitchen sink has a large, deep side, and a small, shallower side. Which side is more appropriate to install the disposal in?

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There is a significant advantage to installing the garbage disposal on the shallow side. This places the unit up higher under the sink and leaves more clearance under the disposal. –  Michael Karas Jan 21 '13 at 14:48

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The small bowl is typically called a veggie bowl. The idea is that you use the large sink for cleaning dishes or soaking and then the other sink is available for prep usage, peeling etc.

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I've always seen the garbage disposal installed on the smaller bowl. I'm not aware of any official convention or rule that says which side should be used, that's just what I've noticed.

Garbage disposal on small bowl

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I always install into the smaller bowl. (experienced but non-professional opinion)

If you think about it, the only thing that would prevent access to the disposal is a sink full of water. I'd rather have the larger bowl available to fill up with water and still allow access to the disposal. If the user wants one bowl of water and still use the disposal, it could be frustrating to have to fill the smaller bowl.

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