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How do I quickly remove a lot of wall tiles without damaging the wall?

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What kind of tiles, and how big are they? – Eric Petroelje Jul 22 '10 at 12:07

I tried the screwdriver and chisel technique with some tiles in a flat in Brighton... and quickly gave up once I found there were three layers of tiles there! So I invested in a cheapish power chisel - like a hammer drill, only it doesn't go around - and finished the job in a weekend.

If you go this route, it's definitely worth buying ear defenders and a good strong set of goggles as tile chips are sharp. I used my chainsaw helmet and got a couple of dings in it.

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Typically I hit the first one (kind of gently) with a hammer until it cracks/shatters. Grind out the grout then pry out the pieces with a chisel or just a beefy flathead screwdriver.

Once you have one out, you should be able to use a chisel or a flat head screwdriver to get under the other ones. Put the screwdriver under/against the edge of the tile and tap it with a hammer and the tiles will (usually) just pop off. Some will be more stubborn than others, but if you're reasonably careful you shouldn't damage the wall much.

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